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Who is next? Think you're Senate DJs Material? Over the next few years we plan on expanding our network to represent all 50 states and beyond. If you feel you have the vision, understand our codes, and can represent our brand, than own up & submit yourself and your brand for consideration. We are a crew first, interested in talent & hustle "future movers & shakers!" Djs that live & love the art. There are many types of DJs, we are not them. If your different, apply & help us set the new standard. Anthony Sojo- Co Founder


Level One

This is the beginning of your journey in the Senate DJs order. In this step you learn our code, our ideals, you refine your skills and build new relationships with other members.

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Level Two & Three

We built The Senate DJs to expand the culture using the talent & works of our collective to power a new standard. We want to create a beacon for all those that still believe in our art-form and want to see it evolve respectfully. The blue tie welcomes you as a working DJ in the order while red stars are earned once you accomplish certain milestones.


Level Four

Level Four: Elite house In this honor the DJ joins the most accomplished members in the Senate DJs. By now the DJ practices our code, our ideals, and have refined their skills to an elite level. They have built solid bonds with other members and have now become a positive representative of their state.

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Final Level

The final level: The Master House. The gold tie welcomes the DJ as a master of the arts. By now they have accomplished many milestones while playing a major part in the evolution of others. As a master member of the Senate DJs they enter into the Senate's international council.