April 18, 2016
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Senate DJS | 2015 DJ Expo Special – Hosted by DJ Sojo
HERE WE GO AGIAN! Year 3 and we are back! Its 25 years of DJ Times DJ Expo and we brought the crew out to celebrate! […]
June 16, 2015
Anthony Sojo | RAW Session 1 “Scratch Freestlye”
May 9, 2015
The 15th DJ to take the pledge! Welcome DJ Hitman to the brotherhood!
In 1983 at the age of 13, Billy (DJ Hitman) began break dancing and writing graffiti in his home town of Brooklyn, New York but soon […]
April 9, 2015
Life of a Senate DJ | 2014 DJ Times DJ Expo Special
​It is that time of the year! Let the crew of The Senate DJs take you inside the 2014 DJ Times DJ Expo in Atlantic City, […]
January 20, 2015
Life of a Senate DJ | Webisode 3 | DJ 101 with DJ Times Magazine- Atlantic City DJ Expo 2013.
Anthony Sojo & DJ Dramadik take you behind the scenes of DJ Times Magazine’s 2013 DJ Expo in the Taj Mahal Casino located in Atlantic City, […]
August 22, 2014
DJ_times_dj_expo_2014_senate djs
Expo Sessions | DP One Live @ Scores Rooftop Deck [Video]
From the Senate DJ’s/ DJCIty party @ “Scores Rooftop Deck” Atlantic City, NJ | DJ Expo week 2014!
August 16, 2014
Relief Wednesdays | DJ EXPO Edition [Pictures]
August 16, 2014
2014 DJ Times Expo Hall [Pictures]
June 5, 2014
sojo_djtimes_dj_expo_taj mahal _atlantic city _doac_best djs_american dj _dj blog_senate djs_
We made it to DJTimes.com! Check out the 2014 DJ Expo
  In 1990, DJ Times first presented DJ Expo—and 24 years later, it remains the industry’s longest-running and best-attended trade show. Each August, DJ Expo presents […]