The journey to Senate DJ starts with the black tie. The black tie represents your ability to look your best and approach this collective with a serious mindset. It represents your ability to go above and beyond as a professional with a solid moral core. The Black House is a building block to order. This house is meant as a temporary status for members who support our values, but haven't built relationships within our group as of yet. It's a springboard for new applicants to test the waters and for The Senate DJs to test you. In the year 2023 social media and automation have become an important role in our job as DJs so basic knowledge and presence on your networks is recommended. As a Senate DJs Black applicant you're required to add the #senatedjsblack hash tag to your digital media posts. We do this for the current members too easily see what you are made of while browsing! Moving up in the order is done with majority votes in our houses. Upon entry your application is given to the Blue House " Level 2" to begin our process however a 30 day period is set before you can apply. To begin fill out the following form below. Your only connection to the Blue House lies on so make sure you create your profile & introduce yourself after you are accepted!

    Are you part of any other DJ Crews, Collectives or other related affiliations? (required)
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    This documentation states the requirements and expectations brought by the order of The Senate DJ's. By submitting this document you must agree to the following:

    • All DJ's must have at least 1 (one) year experience. - Each member must be skillful in their individual style. Not only are you accountable for your digital content but live performances as well. Your talent is measured by your professionalism and experience. The passion for your brand must be consistent in your digital content creation.

    • All DJ's must have control over their personal brand. - Each member is to have order over their personal brands which must include high-res logos, EPK's and digital content accessible throughout all major social media outlets. We hold a quality visual standard to our brand, we take it seriously. All applicants must have quality imaging and agree to add Senate DJ’s BLUE branding where possible.

    • All DJ's must create a page on our registry on The Senate DJs are now a piece of your self representation and access to all of our tools will be available to you on entrance to Senate DJs BLUE.

    • All DJ's must agree to use of our hashtag #senatedjsblack on their social media posts. The hashtag shows unity, without unity we have nothing. This is a deal breaker.

    • All DJ's must agree to our Share Factor. We at The Senate DJs created our unity as a hub to share, connect, network and give advice. Also as a tool to exchange some music and playlists so as individuals we can grow. Although there is no set requirement we all must share our personal knowledge with one another. We have a
    Cloud Drive setup to make ease of access a top priority! In addition we require all new members to share their facebook friends with our page to provide organic growth.

    • We at The Senate DJ’s collect monthly fees for your membership starting in the 2nd level. "The Blue House membership is 2.99 per month or $30 per year. We also expect your physical support on Senate DJs fundraisers and events. No dues are collected in the black level.

    • All DJ's must agree to our Code of Conduct. Each member must represent all values through self actions and professional relationships. Self Representation must be held and followed by The Senate Code of Conduct.

    • Progression in the order happens by majority votes in the respected houses. Every member can call 2 votes a year for progression in the Senate DJs. After two months a pledge can ask to join the BLUE house. If denied entry a 6 month waiting period has to be set before another vote can take place. If denied next vote can happen on the anniversary of your pledge date. If denied progression house members must put forth reason why and give the pledge time to self correct and re submit. We are an order based on excellence however helping our brothers is a requirement. If a member is not up to par it's our responsibility to help them in their journey as much as we independently can. As a member forward movement requires you understand the basic foundation of the DJ. In 2020 if you cant flawlessly mix two songs together at a minimum this might not be for you. The art-form uses many tools but they are based here. With BPM tools and software there is no reason this should stop you from advancing. Mentoring is encouraged by members of all houses, this is a given way to move up in the ranks. Senate Black is our pledge and starting house so in this level you are NOT permitted to wear clothing of the red, blue or gold tie houses "Promotional Gear only, Senate DJs txt, brand collaborations, artist tees". If the Senate DJs head is on clothing it must be an official Black tie shirt from our store.

    INTEGRITY: The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. Your personal integrity plays a major role in how people will respond to you. Like any other collective unattractive behavior will not be tolerated. Being a man “or woman” of your word is expected at all times, in all interactions.

    TRADITION: The handing down of statements, beliefs, legends, customs and information from generations to generations especially by word of mouth or by practice. Like all art-forms, tradition is a very big part of our community. Having expert knowledge of your craft’s tradition is a major key is what makes all Senate DJ
    members outshine others. All members must have knowledge of the DJ evolution and respect for it’s tradition. .

    RESPECT: Esteem for a sense of the worth or excellence of a person, a personal quality or ability; something considered as a manifestation of a personal quality or ability. Each member must respect the bond between this unity and their talent as an artist. By agreeing to this induction you have publicly taken the high road to public remarks and rants and conducting yourself in an unprofessional manner. How you treat others reflects yourself and a high level of respect must be given to each member and all outside personal relationships. If your career has made you a bully, and you continue bad practices after your membership begins, you will be removed by a vote of your peers. RESPECT YOURSELF, & Others!

    KNOWLEDGE: Facts, information or skills acquired by a person through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject. Knowledge is a reflection of your practice and experience in your market. Talent is low and exposure is at an all time high in these times. It is important that our members obtain all possible information at every aspect of their DJ career including equipment and your current scene. Keep yourself educated.

    SKILL: A craft, trade or job requiring manual dexterity or special training in which a person has competence or experience. Each member must perfect the art of the equipment of choice whether it be turntables, CDJ's or controllers. We expect all applicants to have skill and knowledge of their gear and music selections as well. This is a collective that will test you as an artist.

    OUR PROMISE TO YOU: - Promotion of all your events and DJ related content. We support our members in all of their endeavors. Building blocks to grow as an artist and to grow in our order . Access to The Senate DJ Meeting Room & website. Access to our Merchandise Store - Booking opportunity with other members of our collective. You can now use the Senate DJs Black logo on your future projects. Digital Assets available in the “member resources”area of our cloud. In the Blue level you will receive discounts on internal brands such as Inno-fader, Infinity Fader, 12inch Skinz, Reloop DJ , Allen & Heath & many more!


    This is an agreement between the Senate DJs and applicant. From this point on the signe​ will be referred to as “ Applicant”.Both parties agree that this is the only agreement defining the relationship between the applicant and The Senate DJs, no other conversation or verbal agreement spoken or written in the past is valid. Any disputes on this agreement will be handled in the state of New Jersey, USA.

    Like any relationship this one can end. Here are actions not tolerated in our collective. “ No fees, dues or contributions will be returned upon removal. The Senate DJs maintain the right to keep its social media posts & website content in tact upon member removal.

    Shadow members:
    A member who chooses not to be involved in our conversations, events & efforts is a shadow member. If a member fits this description he will be given one warning. If behavior resumes a vote for exile will proceed.

    Improper Behavior:
    Acting against our core values is grounds for removal. We must attempt at all times to be the best versions of ourselves. Mistakes happen and will be addressed on a “need to” basis. We support each other, even when we make mistakes. That said if negative behavior continues the process for exile & removal will begin. Poor representation of self is poor representation of us. We will not lower or change our official standards without majority votes. Public slander, racist comments, bullying, sexest comments or any behavior that could negatively impact our brand are grounds for removal.

    Personal Quarrels:
    We will do our best to help solve disputes with our members but sometimes not getting involved is the best action. We encourage our members to work together at every chance however side effects may arise. Matters like this are dealt with situation by situation, usually we rarely get involved until a member breaks our core values. If the altercation escalates to a strain on our community both members face removal. The Senate DJ's are growing fast and are ready to expand and collaborate with others to help us preserve the traditions & evolve the art of the DJ. All members are selected to bring extra insight and talents to the table. We are an organization built by DJ's, ran by DJ's and fueled by DJ's. Your outside attributes will always be helpful and looked at as valued assets to our team. All requirements and core values will be expected of you to follow moving forward.

    Brand Neglect:
    If at any time your brand quality drops to an unreasonable level a vote for removal will begin. All votes are majority based by your peers in both the BLUE & RED houses.