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Unsatisfied with the push button DJs that performed at his middle school dances, DJ Z became interested in the art of DJing back in 2004 at the young age of 13 years old.

As an 8th grader, he begged for a loan of $150 from his parents to purchase a used amp and a pair of 1995 home stereo speakers. Z started performing at his school dances instead of simply attending them, learning the fundamental skills of song selection and reading a crowd. By Sophomore year of high school, Z bought his first pair of turntables and found his passion for the dying art of turntablism. With the creative outlet of YouTube becoming hugely popular during this time, he discovered the likes of influential DJs such as Q-Bert, D-Styles, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and DJ AM. After school, he religiously watched videos of them mixing and scratching, trying to emulate their hand movements and famous routines while learning a style all his own. He spent countless hours working on his craft and perfecting his technique. These skills, combined with an innate ability to sense the mood of any crowd, established Z as a DJ with unique talent and style in Delaware.

In addition to DJing multiple high school proms and homecoming as a high school student himself, he started branching into clubs and more top venues, starting at Club H2O in Ocean City Maryland and eventually performing at some of the hottest clubs in Atlantic City. He became one of the most sought after DJs for the majority of events at the University of Delaware, holding residencies at some of UD’s iconic bars and Wilmington nightclubs. When Z moved to Philadelphia in 2014, he found himself in a city that was a hub for elite DJs and musicians alike – however, it did not take long until he was noticed by local agents and DJs. He met many of Philly’s veteran DJs by competing in a local DJ competition at the Tropicana in Atlantic City, where he placed third. Since then, Z has held a residency at Room 12, Bru, and UBahn, which was rated Philly’s best bar by Thrillest Magazine. He continues to DJ at Philly’s other top clubs and bars, including Coda, Recess, Mad River, Cavanaugh’s, and Vyce Social. Z can also be found performing at Atlantic City clubs, notably at Dusk, Anthem Lounge, and Haven.