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Coming from the city of Philadelphia at an early age Dj Five Venoms began his passion for DJing.

Before the new technology of laptops and Dj Software, he learned his skills on vinyl records.  Building his talent over the years he has developed a distinct scratch and blending style that has proven to rock any party. Anybody can play music but it takes a real DJ like Five Venoms to create the mood and keep the people dancing.

A few clients of Five Venoms include: Floyd Mayweather, Curren$y, Rocko, Yo Gotti, Plies, Darrell Armstrong, & Chris Johnson just to name a few. He also has many corporate clients including: Florida A&M University, American Bully Association, Race for a Cure, Slip N Slide Records, Pure Pain MMA, Macy’s, Two In The Shirt, March of Dimes, and many more.  He has developed a versatile vocabulary of music that allows him to adapt the music to any crowd in any setting.

In 2007 Five Venoms moved to Orlando Florida to Attend school. This is where he began do mixtapes. Over the years he has created a name for himself in the mixtape industry, He has built a fan base from his CDs across the nation and by website posting his tapes.

Five Venoms is a member of the Senate Djs crew. With fellow DJs Sojo, David Michael, Ronnie D, Dj Bis, Latin Prince, Joe Broscoe, Kav1ani, Dj N9ne & Jay ski we plan to put the passion back in Djing that is missing. He prides himself in being able to go into any party and be able to provide entertainment. No matter if it is the most underground hip hop, the most know top 40, or throwback 80’s Five Venoms can entertain any crowd.