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Born David Allmond, David Michael made his first debut at the age of six, when his dad came home from work and caught him scratching up his favorite Michael Jackson vinyl.

Despite the trouble he got in, this episode would ignite the fuel that has been driving DJ Dramadik for over 18 years as a professional Deejay. He would frequently travel from his native home in Atlantic City, NJ, to Brooklyn, New York to visit his mother. His experiences in Brooklyn would help expose him to the work of DJs like Red Alert, Jazzy Jeff, EPMD’s DJ Scratch, Jam Master Jay, and Kid Capri. David Michael would look to these legendary icons as major influences as he evolved and expanded in his career. From his work in both New Jersey and New York, David Michael has earned his moniker, “The Brooklyn-Jersey Express.”
David’s deejaying career truly began at the age of 14, when he got his first break as DJ for WLFR-FM 91.7, Richard Stockton College’s local station. Every Friday. David Michael kept South Jersey listeners in tune with the latest hip-hop from around the country. It took the main radio stations 10 years to catch up, after the program ended its successful run

For the past 18 years, David has continued to bring his unique style to the masses, doing parties, concerts, and radio shows world wide. He has since partnered a company called The Senate Djs and has been producing his line of “Brooklyn-Jersey Express” mix tapes, and deejaying for several sold out concert tours. He has deejayed with artists such as Nas, Busta Rhymes, Notorious BIG, and Wu-Tang Clan. He has also deejayed on Philadelphia’s Power 99 FM, and hosted a Saturday Night Mix show on 99.3 the Buzz. He began to flex his creative muscles by expanding his talents to production. He has produced records for many popular artists
So where is David Michael today? In short …Everywhere… From the hottest night clubs to private celebrity parties, he does it all. Bringing the true art of Turntablism to the party Spinning from both his private remix vault as well as his massive hits collection that has been 15 years in the making.
The Best Is Yet To Come….

Style: Turntablist / Video DJ / Remixer