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DJ Bis is searching for the perfect beat. It’s his drive toward aims like these that most find impossible that makes him easily one of the most important disc jockeys on the East coast.

Born in Costa Rica and later making residence in the United States, the energy that defines him was an early development, borne of a home and early musical experiences that were diverse, but always inspired movement. Like many DJs of the current era, interests in the heavy metal music popular in the late 80s and early 90s, as well as a love of dancehall, Latin sounds, reggae and house and rave culture propelled him forward into becoming the top notch selector he is today.
Following a series of unexpected life changes at an early age Bis arrived to the United States in the mid 1990s, and became a supporter of the reigning sound of hip hop music, the post house and New Jack Swing era mixed in with the heavy party friendly sampling making the DJ a fan of the sound. Mixing this together with his rave, Latin, dancehall and rock influences began to really create the steaming cauldron of dynamic sounds that Bis has become.

With 10+ years as a professional DJ, the humble spinner is unique in that with English being a second language, his developing love of music and his eclectic style was developed from a true love of rhythms, instead of getting tied into the lyrics. Furthermore, not having an initial awareness in some cases of the historical background of some sounds, Bis’ ability to create masterful sets comes moreso from a place of true appreciation of stellar music. Not only is this unique, but it certifies and guarantees quality sets that while featuring the popular hits of any or all genres, will also include some truly spectacular classics and underrated b-sides guaranteed to move any crowd. With influences as diverse as Robbie Tronco’s House music style to the late DJ AM’s mastery and incorporation of all styles seamlessly, Bis is a true turntablist.

Bis’ humility also comes into play with a truly professional work ethic as well. As a professional, Bis moves crowds. He’s spun to a room of industry giants like Moby, Armin van Buuren, Chromeo, Wilco and Lupe Fiasco in the 2008 Virgin Festival Artists’ Lounge. He’s also notably played in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. With great regularity there is still diversity from high rollers at Cuba Libre in Atlantic City’s Tropicana Hotel, 300 sweat drenched hipsters packed in a room the size of a shoebox at DC’s dusty watering hole the Wonderland Ballroom, or at weekly parties like his vaunted dance party REMIX DISCO[tech] in Delaware, Rehoboth and Dewey Beach. The unifying theme being, no matter what the room, he always succeeds. He’s the quintessential “your favorite DJ’s favorite DJ” as well counting mixmasters Dave Nada, Tittsworth and a slew of other respected industry names as not just fellow artists, but major supporters.

Ever growing and evolving, Bis plans to use part of 2010 to nurture a musical fusion project with percussionist Martin West as well as releasing more mixtapes and producing his own high energy dance sound as well. He is vested in other entrepreneurial (and some not so entrepreneurial) business models that revolve around developing accessories/solutions for DJ’s and producers on the move at SHORT-KUTS.com.